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Hongfa America are the relay experts. We provide top quality products, superior service, and innovative solutions to industries across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

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Who We Are

Hongfa is a global leader in relay manufacturing. Our products are designed for a broad range of markets including Automotive, Alternative Energy, Industrial Automation, Telecommunication, Home Appliances and Medical With 30 years experience in R&D and manufacturing, Hongfa has devoted itself to technology innovation. Hongfa owns a state-accredited technical center and an R&D team consisting of top technical personnel in the relay field. Hongfa's product portfolio includes Electro-Mechanical Relays, with load switching capabilities ranging from micro-currents to more then 500 amperes. Low voltage switch gear includes contactors and circuit breakers.

What We Do

The HF92F Rectified Version has a DC coil which allows for better electrical life performance. This built-in rectifier converts AC input into DC power to drive the coil. HF92F has switching capabilities available up to 30A with 2 poles. Our environmentally friendly design is RoHS compliant and comes with plastic sealed housing. HF92F has 4kV dielectric strength with a creepage distance of 8mm and a class F UL insulation system. QC layouts and flange-mounting are available. A Time Delay Version will be available which can prevent multiple compressors or heaters from turning on at the same time to prevent circuit overloading. #relays #heaters #compressor #motors


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